Gabbie McGee Update: LIGHT, Cameras & Action!

Every New Year I
choose a focus word, a word that I think about when I face challenges and
obstacles throughout the year.  This year, my focus word is

If you watch
the news or pay attention to the timeline of your favorite social media site,
then you know there have been some recent events in our world that have been
pretty grim.  For me it’s sometimes difficult to not fall victim to fear and
worry.  But that’s when I remember my focus word, “LIGHT”.  I’m reminded that
there is always, always, always hope and that hope can begin with me being the
opposite of the negative things I see and feel around me by helping, giving,

Many of you
know my faith is the foundation of my life, so looking to THE LIGHT is more than
just something I’m doing to start this New Year; I’ve been looking to GOD for
several years now. What I’m doing differently is making myself more available to
be a reflection of HIS light…especially in my music!           

One of the
positive focal points of this New Year for me is that I’ll be releasing NEW
music! I’m super excited and I can’t wait to share the songs that have been
brewing in my heart for the last 3 years!  The album is called “The Return of
Yesterday” and it’s a mix of modern Jazz & Soul with a splash of past; using
the familiar sounds of the 50’s & 60’s, I’ve managed to paint a beautiful
portrait of what music with meaning used to be to listeners and how I believe
music can once again empower future generations to make our world

To me, this
album is my way of being a part of the solution.  It’s me being a LIGHT! I
believe “The Return of Yesterday can be a shining success, but I need your help.

Please help
me to professionally record, package, duplicate and market my new project “The
Return of Yesterday”. I don’t have the support of a major record label and I
don’t have national or international distribution. I do, however have 11
incredible songs, an amazing concept, strong work ethics and unshakable