Mark Knight – “Ironing Man” / “Feel Good”… da Toolroom su Just Entertainment

Mark Knight –  “Ironing Man” / “Feel Good”… da Toolroom su Just Entertainment

News da Toolroom e da Mark Knight per la precisione che con “Ironing Man” / “Feel Good” approda su Beatport con un’esclusiva. In Italia l’EP esce su Just Entertainment. Il proprietario della Toolroom, etichetta storica nel settore della house, consegna il suo primo EP del 2015 annunciando il suo intento musicale di voler scalare ogni chart globale. Fresco della recente campagna #RESET, Mark Knight imposta la direzione musicale dell’etichetta sull’onda della house music più pura, accessibile e di qualità. “Ironing Man” è una traccia che vanta un groove potente mentre “Feel Good Now” è più adatta per gli underground.


ENGLISH /// Mark Knight –  “Ironing Man” / “Feel Good”… from Toolroom , out in Italy on Just Entertainment /// “What I really enjoy about DJ’ing is being able to tell a musical story. And as a producer I like to make music that helps propel this narrative. Like any good story you need a start, middle and an end – and Ironing Man is very much your opening chapter. It sets the scene; it’s the sort of record I like to open my sets with; and it allows me to take the story in any direction. Whereas with Feel Good Now, you’re at the point where you really should go to bed but you can’t put the book down. And it’s the same with this record – it’s 5am in the club, you really should go home, but you’re hypnotised, you’re lost in the groove” (Mark Knight).  Toolroom label boss Mark Knight delivers his first EP of 2015 on his flagship imprint and in doing so, states his musical intent for the impending year. Fresh from the recent #RESET campaign, Mark puts the new ethos and musical direction of the label into a solid 2 tracker that ticks the boxes of upfront, accessible and quality house music. ‘Ironing Man’ is a groove driven peak-time track with big builds and trademark Knight production whilst ‘Feel Good Now’ turns down a heavy bass and synth driven techno route and is catered for the more underground floors.


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