MartinaStella: “Con Lapo siamo più che amici, quell’amore non va disperso”


«This is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you.
No man or career compares: your child is yours, forever».
“This” refers to
Ginevra, born eight months ago to her partner Gabriele Gregorini, whom she met a year
earlier on the set of Tutti pazzi per amore 3, where Martina Stella
was acting and he was her hair stylist. In her interview with Vanity Fair
which features her on the cover available from July 3 – she reflects on the months after giving birth and discusses her current relationship with Lapo Elkann.   She resumed work quite early after becoming a mother. «I returned to the set only when weaning started, and only for two significant projects.
Both for the cinema and – funnily enough – both roles were of young
mothers. In “Dimmi di sì
” (a dramatic film shot in February, with Giancarlo
Giannini, ndr) I play the wife of a man wrongly imprisoned, and in
“Sapore di te” I fall in love with Giorgio Pasotti, marry him, but when our child is born we face a crisis because I no longer give him attention».
This has happened to many couples. And to you? «I identified with some of the character’s anxieties, I’m also a slightly old-fashioned, very
protective mother. And at night, I always sleep with the baby: if she wakes up, I want her to see me, not someone else».
Having a newborn in the room isn’t ideal for a couple’s life. «But she sleeps well, she’s good. And love isn’t confined to the bedroom. There’s the living room, the kitchen… In the very beginning after birth, no, there wasn’t desire, but that’s normal. Then everything returned naturally. Of course, a partner needs to be sensitive, patient. But afterward, it’s even more beautiful». What kind of father is Gabriele?
«Really great, despite being very young. Stronger than I thought: I discovered this in the delivery room and when decisions needed to be made. He has helped me moderate my tone now that we have a child. Because our relationship has always been a bit quarrelsome». Why do you argue? «We both have fiery tempers, we say what we think». Is he jealous? «A bit, especially about the past, because I have great relationships with all my exes». Great relationships even with those who left you? «Actually, I left all of them.
But it’s still hard to rebuild a relationship, I’ve worked on it a lot. For
me, it’s unthinkable to completely cut off from people I’ve loved: they are part of my story, it would be like cutting off a piece of myself».
Are you friends with Lapo? «Of course. He and the others are more than friends, they’re people I’ve loved, and that love can’t be lost: if one of us has a problem, we’re always there for each other. Lapo has even met Ginevra». Given the traumatic circumstances of your separation – the overdose, the scandal – who would have thought? «We had already broken up; that unfortunate incident wasn’t the cause of our split. The reasons were more common, the kind young couples usually face. Rebuilding the relationship meant clarifying certain things and asking for forgiveness for others». No regrets about how it ended? «None. But it was important for me to rebuild the relationship». Lapo hasn’t yet found emotional stability. Why do you think that is? «Given that his private life is his own business, Lapo is still young. I’m sure he will have children one day». Do you plan to get married? «Yes, because I believe in romantic love and I would like it to be forever. I would also love to have more children with Gabriele. But in a few years».