Pierre BouLez – Dialogue de l’ombre double (1982 85) – Pascal Gallois Solo #stradivarius

CD STR 37020[8011570370204]

CD STR 37020[8011570370204]
P. BOuLez
From the introduction by Pascal Gallois:
2015 is the year I wanted to mark in honor of Pierre Boulez’s 90th birthday. My professional career began
by working for Boulez in 1981. […] Now, in 2015, we have the opening of the Philharmonie de Paris.
Pierre Boulez’ ongoing combat at the heart of public life, arts and media, for almost seven decades, is exceptional
in history of music. This solo CD is the reissue of three majorworks of the repertoire. Dialogue de
l’ombre double by Pierre Boulez for bassoon and electronics, that I wanted to record alongside the Sequenza
XII for solo bassoon by Luciano Berio and Torsion for bassoon and CD by Olga Neuwirth. Berio was a
friend of very beginning and has created a quite revolutionary approach to the bassoon. We were able to
work together for almost ten years before the world premiere of Sequenza XII, in June 1995, while in November
of the same year I created the version of Dialogue de l’ombre double for bassoon and electronics. […]
Olga Neuwirth’s piece « Twist» is directly influenced by Boulez and Berio. I met the composer in Paris while
working on his first projects at IRCAM in the early 90s and played Dialogue and Sequenza for her. Olga immediately
adopted the new techniques of Sequenza which she used in radically different ways, from using
violent glissandos in the upper register like cries of despair to “Berio tremolos” in a more dramatic way.
With Dialogue de l’ombre double, Boulez stage-manages the bassoon in a ritual incantation while Olga Neuwirth
asks the bassoonist to journey through the labyrinths of Daniel Libeskind’s “bold” architecture. Boulez
conducted the works of Olga Neuwirth with major orchestras such as the London Symphony Orchestra
and the Vienna Philharmonic.

STR 37020
Made in Italy
1 Olga Neuwirth (1968) 13’17’’
basson & cd
2 Pierre Boulez (1925) 18’59’’
Dialogue de l’ombre double
basson & électronique
3 Luciano Berio (1925-2003) 18’51’’
Sequenza XII per fagotto
Pascal Gallois : basson
Pascal Gallois . SOLO . Neuwirth, Boulez, Berio
Photography : Philippe Gontier
SOLO March 2015
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