Strictly Come Dancing: Denise Van Outen Syndicated Interview

Denise Van Outen Syndicated Interview

Why did you decide to go on the tour?

I know a few people who’ve done it before, like Chris Parker and Julian
Clary, who told me it’s absolutely brilliant fun. Robbie Savage said it
feels like the prize that you get after weeks of working hard on the
show. You get to do it all again, without the competitive element. If
you don’t get the glitterball, you get to do this instead. And also, the
show is so high-pressured in front of the TV cameras, that it will be
nice to just go out and dance and feel a bit more relaxed. The hardest
part of the show for me has been learning the dances so without that
element, it will just be about dancing and enjoying myself. And when am I
going to get the chance to perform in front of that many people again?
I’m not in a pop group! I’m used to much smaller theatres. I got such a
buzz being at Wembley, so hopefully that’s what this will be like.

Are you looking forward to spending time with the other celebrities on tour?

Well I’m going to bring my daughter [Betsy] to some of the dates.
Michael Vaughan has a daughter the same age – two and a half – so we’ve
said we’ll make sure we bring them on the same dates and we can all hang
out. But on the other days then I might let my hair down a bit,

Is Betsy very proud of you?

Yes, well she’s a bit too young to really understand it but she loves
the sequins and the glitter and the dresses, definitely. We had a kids’
day when we were allowed to bring our children to come and watch us –
they’re not normally allowed in the studio – and when I came on she
said, really loudly, “That’s my mummy!”.

Are there any dates you’re particularly looking forward to on tour?

Well being from Essex, the London dates are quite exciting for me. I’ve
already done Wembley with the show, and now we get to do the O2 on the
other side of London, which will be great! I’ve been to so many concerts
there and I’ll never get another chance to perform in front of that
many people, so I can’t wait.

What impact has the dancing had on your body?

I popped my rib out just before the final so I had to have that popped
back in, that was quite painful. I got ‘jive whiplash’, and my knees are
always cut and bloody. And just general aches and pains every week,
towards the weekend.

I have toned up a lot. I think I’ve lost weight but I don’t know how
much. I always lose weight when I’m working, though. We eat a lot but
you’re just burning up so much energy that it falls off.

Which celebrity would you like to see doing Strictly next year?

I know who I’d love, and I asked him if he’d be up for it. I think David
Walliams would be amazing, and he’d look brilliant in the ballroom
tails because he’s tall and slim. But I’ve already asked him and he said
he’s too lazy!

Have you been surprised to learn about any celebrity fans?

Yes, Kylie Minogue tweeted that she was voting for and James [Jordan], which was amazing!

I was very excited when I saw that.

Will you stay in touch with James?

Yes, definitely. I’ve become really good friends with him and his wife, Ola.

I haven’t had the chance for us all to go out for dinner with [husband] Lee yet, but I’m sure we will do in the New Year.

What plans do you have after the tour?

I’d quite like to have a rest, to be honest! I want to have some family
time and just be a mummy. I’m doing a one-woman show with a limited
London run which will be fun. I’ve been offered three shows which all
involve dancing, which I’d never have got before doing Strictly because I
never used to get the dancing parts. There’s one that I definitely
can’t do because it’s while the tour’s on, but I’m having a look at the
other two, so we’ll see.


Strictly Come Dancing UK Tour comes to Wembley Arena on 5th and
6th February 2013. Tickets available from and or through calling the Wembley Arena box
office on 0844 815 0815



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