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venerdì 4 settembre 2015



Torna Erica Mou con “Tienimi il posto”, il disco fatto con amore in vendita dal 4 settembre 2015
in radio il singolo “Se mi lasciassi sola
Foto di Flavio&Frank
Erica Mou torna sulla scena musicale con tutta la sua incantevole dolcezza e femminilità. Dopo l’anticipazione estiva del singolo “Ho Scelto Te” in doppia versione (originale e remix), la cantautrice pugliese rilascia “Tienimi il posto”, il suo quarto disco fatto con amore in vendita dal 4 settembre 2015, prodotto da Auand Records con il sostegno di Puglia Sounds e distribuito da Artist First. Per la prima volta la produzione artistica è curata dalla stessa Erica, insieme ai suoi musicisti. E il nuovo singolo per le radio è “Se mi lasciassi sola”, canzone che ha lo stesso sapore dei grandi classici italiani, con l’arrangiamento e gli archi di Davide Rossi. On line anche il videoclip, con la regia di Roberto Tafuro.

<< In questo brano c’è tutto il mio amore per la musica italiana degli anni ’60.
Ci sono tutti i giorni della mia vita in cui, viaggiando, mi ripeto nella mente “Sopra le nuvole c’è il sereno ma il nostro amore non appartiene al cielo”; tutte le serate in spiaggia con la chitarra a cantare “Lontano lontano”; tutte le repliche dei programmi Rai in bianco e nero. L’ispirazione di questo brano sta in un tempo così lontano da me, eppure così fondamentale per ogni artista della mia generazione. E’ una canzone d’amore, per una persona ma soprattutto per se stessi. E’ una canzone di sopravvivenza. >>
(Erica Mou)


4 SETTEMBRE, MILANO – Carroponte, opening act Caparezza
6 SETTEMBRE, LANCIANO (CH) – presentazione cd c/o Pixie Art Life
8 SETTEMBRE, ROMA – presentazione cd c/o Feltrinelli
9 SETTEMBRE, BARI – presentazione cd c/o Feltrinelli
10 SETTEMBRE, PISA – Metarock, opening act Musica Nuda – Petra Magoni e Ferruccio Spinetti
13 SETTEMBRE, TORINO – Reset Festival
14 SETTEMBRE, MILANO – presentazione cd c/o Feltrinelli
15 SETTEMBRE, FIRENZE – presentazione cd c/o Feltrinelli
16 SETTEMBRE, BOLOGNA – presentazione cd c/o Feltrinelli

Hesse Week at EXPO 2015 in Milan - from 7 to 13 September 2015 @expo2015 @eventinews24

 Minister of State Axel Wintermeyer looks forward to “plenty of culture from Hesse for the world”

The Head of the Hessian State Chancellery, Minister of State Axel Wintermeyer, will be visiting the Hesse Week exhibition in the German Pavilion at EXPO 2015 in Milan on 10 and 11 September. In the week from 7 to 13 September, the state is putting on an exhibition representing itself at the universal exposition which will include a multifaceted programme. Looking forward to his visit, Minister of State Wintermeyer said: “During its state week, Hesse will present itself as an innovative, imaginative and liveable state in the heart of Germany and Europe. Plenty of Hessian culture will be shared with the world. We are also presenting an exhibition entitled ‘Overcoming Borders: From Dictatorship to Democracy’, to inform viewers about the upcoming celebrations to mark 25 years of German unity. Hesse has lots to offer and we want to show that to the world in Milan.”

The EXPO opened on 1 May. Its theme is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” 148 participating countries and organisations are presenting themselves and their solutions for sustainable human nutrition at the 110-hectare site in Lombardy’s capital until the end of October. Messe Frankfurt is responsible for organising and running the German Pavilion on behalf of the country’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Under the central idea “Fields of Ideas”, new and unusual solutions from Germany for nutrition are being showcased, and under the motto “Be active!”, the pavilion is inviting visitors to take action themselves.

Minister of State Wintermeyer said: “It fills me with joy to know our state is being represented by so many cultural highlights in the German Pavilion. It shows that also when it comes to culture, there is no way round Hesse – not even at the EXPO.”

During Hesse Week, a 10-hour stage programme will be presented in front of the German Pavilion every day. The following artists will be representing the state’s rich culture with their works in the second week of September:

·         Fabrizio Levita, who has Italian roots, but was born in Frankfurt. He is one of Hesse’s most high-profile singers. Accompanied by his band, he will be performing his own rendition of international hits such as “Mr. Saxobeat” and “Forbidden Love”.

·         Jazz festivals dating back many years in Idstein and Bad Wildungen demonstrate the fact that jazz has a special meaning in Hesse. The Contrast Trio, which will be presented in cooperation with the Hessischer Rundfunk (Hessian Broadcasting Corporation – hr) and the hr’s Bigband, will provide visitors with a taste of Hessian jazz.

·         On Saturday evening, the German Pavilion is filled with a party atmosphere. Germany’s most successful youth event brand BigCityBeats, which attracts over 100,000 visitors to the World Club Dome in Frankfurt every year among other things, is responsible for this.

·         Etta Streicher, a Hessian poet, actress and one of the first to enter the Frankfurt poetry slam scene, is giving two performances. Like no other, she picks language to pieces and uses it to create miniatures consisting of lyrics, nonsense, double meanings and subtleties.

·         Shorts at Moonlight is one of the most popular open-air short-film festivals in Germany and takes place every summer in different castles and parks in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main area. The iconic cultural asset can be attended at the EXPO in Milan for a short time, too.

·         An interactive gaming event will attract visitors with the Hessian winners of the German Computer Game Award, Black Pants, an independent studio based in Kassel. In Hesse, the gaming sector is an important economic factor in the cultural and creative industry, and therefore simply has to feature at the EXPO during Hesse Week.

·         In cooperation with the German Dance Association (ADTV), Hessian dance teachers will give visitors an insight into Hessian dancing.

·         Antagon is both a modern-day theatre company and a seeker of forgotten theatre roots. With performers from many different countries, the Hessian dance and theatre outfit will captivate visitors at the EXPO with its multidimensional performances, too.

·         Artists from Roncalli Arts School will continue to entertain visitors in the open spaces, on the deck and in the queues at the German Pavilion as well during Hesse Week. They will be supported by the German professional magician Alexander Merk and the stand-up comedian Al Cappuccino.

For more information about the programme, go to https://expo2015-germany.de/en/pavilion/events

Background information information on the German Pavilion at the 2015 World Exhibition in Milan
Large-scale, universal world exhibitions are held every five years in rotation with smaller expos. The World Expo in Milan follows Shanghai (2010), Aichi (2005) and Hanover (2000). Expo 2015 showcases the theme “Feeding the planet, energy for life”. It dispenses with prestigious monumental buildings, presenting itself rather as a sustainable Agrofood Park. The German Pavilion “Fields of Ideas” has the motto “Be active!”.

On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, Messe Frankfurt has been entrusted with the organisation and running of the German Pavilion at EXPO 2015 in Milan. The design, planning and realisation of the German Pavilion have been taken on by the ARGE, a consortium made up of Milla & Partner (Stuttgart), Schmidhuber (Munich) and Nüssli Deutschland (Roth near Nuremberg). Milla & Partner is responsible for the content concept as well as the design of the exhibition and media. Schmidhuber is responsible for the pavilion’s spatial concept, its architecture and general planning and Nüssli for project management and construction. The Expo site is being built close to the existing Milan exhibition centre. Under the programme management of Wolfgang Weyand and Mike P. Heisel Voss+Fischer is responsible for the cultural programme of the German Pavilion.

The world exhibition will remain open for six months – from 1 May to 31 October 2015. For more information, please visit our website at www.expo2015-germany.de

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