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Yves V feat. Mike James – The Right Time (Je I Just Entertainment)





Il sodalizio tra Smash The House, la label di Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike e l’italiana Je I Just Entertainment continua. Il nuovo singolo pubblicato dalle due label è Yves V feat. Mike James – The Right Time. Fatta ascoltare per la prima volta dal dj producer belga Yves V durante il suo set sul main stage del Tomorrowland, la traccia sta ricevendo importanti feedback a livello internazionale (#18 in Beatport Electro House il 18 febbraio 2015) e mette insieme una melodia che emoziona, un ritmo che cresce ed una collaborazione importante, quella del canadese Mike James, specialista in melodie e produzione. Musica prodotta da James è stata utilizzata anche per serie di successo come  ‘Entourage’ e ‘Gossip Girl’. ltc lorenzotiezzi.it x Je I Just Entertainment www.j-e.com

ENGLISH /// Yves V feat. Mike James – The Right Time (Je I Just Entertainment) ///  Continuing on its chart-dominating stance for 2015, Smash The House (that in Italy is released by  Je I Just Entertainment) announces the long-awaited release of ‘The Right Time’ from roster-favorite Yves V and featuring songwriter/ producer Mike James. Amping up the gears with his inaugural release of the year ‘Magic’, also on Smash The House that rose up the Beatport Electro House ranks to #4, now rearing his head with yet another stellar collaboration, ‘The Right Time’ sees Yves’s knack for the party-starting, highlighted further more. A native Canadian, Mike James has had work included on internationally-reaching television shows including ‘Entourage’ and ‘Gossip Girl’, turning his ear to the dance world and now a proud member of the Smash The House family, ‘The Right Time’ possesses an appeal that is undeniable. Emotive keys, one-hell-of-an infectious beat and high-flying melodies all prove that by careering ‘The Right Time’ into feel-good territory, Yves V & Mike James have created what is set to be an early contender for track of the year…  ltc lorenzotiezzi.it x Je I Just Entertainment. ltc lorenzotiezzi.it x Je I Just Entertainment www.j-e.com.

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