A charming setting, ith m thical ski “pistes” in Megeve

Megève, a lo vely bubble of snow, dedicates its ski slo pes to all lo vers of winter sports .

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Jean-Pierre Noisillier

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Whate ver their level, everyone finds an exceptional playground here.

Sports Club – Alpine skiing

Pascal Philippe, President of the

Alpine skiing section of the Sports

Club, appreciates the quality of the

skiing area, not only for competition

skiing but also for its family friendly

dimension. “Here all skiers can

enjoy themselves. The skiing area

has some surprising off-piste areas

that are danger free, even for



Michel Naly is President of the

ambassadors association that is

quite unique in France and keeps

skiers updated with the latest

information wherever they are in

the resort. “Tourists often thank us,

appreciative of our service. And

what do we aim to do? Promote

the attractions of our resort.”

The champion

Richard Gay, in charge of mogul

skiing in Megève and bronze medal

winner at the Salt Lake City Winter

Olympic Games in 2002, shares his

very favourite spot: “Without

hesitation Cote 2000. I really enjoy

myself on the off-piste there. It’s

also a place with the capacity to

host International competitions.”

Megève offers its backdrop to skiers in
“ quest of beauty and winter sport.

Nestling at the foot of three massifs
and overlooked by the Mont-Blanc,
Megève’s exquisite setting is an
invitation to all skiers in search of
beauty and excellent skiing. The
resort’s hillsides, all dressed in
white, accumulate 445 kilometres
of ski slopes and 107 ski lifts, among
which are to be found two of the
oldest in France, which this year will
celebrate their … 80th Anniversary!
The former Rochebrune cable car,
veritable emblem of the skiing area,
has been preserved, giving a
delightfully quaint air to the ski lift
that operates it quite safely.
For nearly a century, holidaymakers
have enjoyed the quality of
Megève’s skiing area where, thanks
to its numerous links, skiers are able
to switch at leisure between
Rochebrune, the Jaillet and Cote
2000. “The authentically preserved
historic village, the superb 360°
panorama and ski slopes that
meander between fir trees have
attracted a loyal clientele who
assure us that they have not
found the equivalent elsewhere”,
mentions Michel Naly. From the
heart of the village to the summit
of the famous pylons piste, from
the “Mandarine”, dedicated to
novices to the “Belle d’Arbois”, the
landscapes are always enchanting.
For beginners, experienced skiers,
families, and competition skiers,
Megève is a veritable playground.
“The skiing area is so varied that it
is suitable for everyone “, Richard
Gay assures us. A quality that is
recognised by the most talented
athletes, as Megève regularly plays
host to International competitions.
And the top level is not reserved
for sport alone: so that skiers can
make the most of the soft and well
prepared snow and be cocooned
at the same time, Megève has
several high-altitude restaurants
spread across its skiing area. Up
there the pleasures of the taste
buds are enhanced by the
sumptuous landscapes. Decidedly
it’s great to ski and enjoy the art
of good living in Megève!
Marie Paturel


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