ANCA VASILE CARAMAN – 4 Sonaten op. 42 di Max Reger

Max REGER: 4 Sonaten op. 42 | ANCA VASILE CARAMAN violin
Max REGER: 4 Sonaten op. 42 | ANCA VASILE CARAMAN violin

The Four Sonatas for solo violin op. 42
Johann Baptist Joseph Maximilian Reger called Max (Brand, 19 March 1873 Leipzig,
11 May 1916) was a German composer, organist, pianist and composition teacher. At the age of 16 he was already playing the organ in the Catholic church in Weiden. From 1890 to 1893 he studied at the conservatory in Weisbaden with Prof. H. Riemann (18491919).
In 1901, he moved to Munich, where he remained until 1907, when he took up a position at the Leipzig Conservatory.
Reger dedicated the Four Sonatas for Solo Violin Op. 42 to the German violinist, composer and publisher Willy Burmester (18691933);
it was the composer’s first attempt of this type of composition for solo violin.
For its performers, these sonatas represent a supreme achievement, both technically and musically. Reger’s extensive study of J.S. Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas was an important source of inspiration for these Sonatas.
The Four Sonatas op.42 are characterised by a clear classical form in which Bachian or Brahmsian harmonies
have their place along with virtuosic passages that highlight the artist’s performing qualities.

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