Diana Gallesi Spring-Summer Collection 2018 Part 4 @Mirogliogroup

Immagini by www.miroglio.com www.dianagallesi.com Video by Iaphet Elli www.eventinews24.com
Original combinations: the âge des lumières and the numerical-digital universe.
The rarefied and sophisticated forms of the 18th century deconstructed and recodified according to contemporary aesthetics.
The lightness and colours typical of the century of Lights and the visionary installations, modular compositions and webs of Argentinean artist Tomàs Saraceno.
The botanic illustrations of the Encyclopaedias - the most symbolic text of the new knowledge
of the Enlightenment - exalted by technology and quantum mechanics.
Persian-influenced graphics and Eastern details given a futuristic twist, like in the works
by contemporary artist Sarah Ciracì.
The artistic expression of indo-afro-tropical decorations mixed with urban aesthetics for
a new street art craft spirit.
Joyous vitality.
Creation and innovation are the keywords of the everyday fashion proposals of the new season.
Free spirit and the desire to express ourselves without barriers are manifest in looks that mischievously deceive, attracting the attention.
The spontaneity of the combinations is expressed with youthful verve.
The new mood is vigorous chic.
A primordial and contemporary energy instils materials and silhouettes with a new form
of dynamism.
Fabrics and designs are simple yet vibrant, going beyond the established tenets and diktats
of previous seasons.
The new day-to-day look combines athleisure - sportswear that can be worn every day -
with more formal garments.
There are no rules in fashion!
The airy fabrics, overlapping transparencies and wafer-thin hands alternate with robust
and technical materials.
The insertion of iridescent threads and metallic details intensify their brilliance.
The decorations are subtle, leaving plenty of space for the background.
Lightness is the keyword of the summer season, dovetailing perfectly with comfort
and nonchalance.
The new spring summer 2018 palette exudes energy and sparkling simplicity, the product
of an ingenious alchemy of colours.
The shades embody a highly colourful reality.
The greens are imbued with natural freshness while the spring blues are cooling.
The vibrant tones evoke a flowery radiance that explodes with pollen and sap.
The intense shades are freely paired with softer colours and delicately dehydrated details.
The understated primitive and ferrous colours are given a dash of brightness with touches
of urban-inspired acid.