Les Luminessences d’Avignon until October 2 2016 #ExploreFrance

Lumi Luc Arden

The last 50!
Over 250,000 spectators, reactions are unanimous! Whether viewing the French or Englishperformance, viewers are overwhelmed by this monumental show: “Not to be missed…

Video  al Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiACJJp9EXc&feature=youtu.be
Magnificent… In my opinion, the most impressive monument in France, what a show!…
Grandiose…Great technique… Totally splendid… Absolutely stunning light show…
Espetáculo maravilhoso … “
There are just 25 more evenings (10 viewings in English, 40 viewings in French) left for you to come admire the only 360° monumental show in France, a creation which has already thrilled more than 250,000 viewers. From around the world, viewers of all ages share their impressions:
There remain 50 projections of a unique show in Provence that is not to be missed under
any circumstances.
n Outstanding voices tell the story of 1000 years of
the history of a unique Palace in Europe, with Francis Huster, Claude
Giraud and Céline Duhamel for the French version and Patrick Floersheim,
Allan Wenger and Sharon Man for the English version.
n Streams of music from the Renaissance to Rossini and
his Thieving Magpie to the music from famous films such
as Harry Potter or the Name of the Rose, carry the images that envelop
viewers and transport them into the heart of the Palace of the Popes.


“An exciting show that vibrates underfoot, very
…A delight for the eyes and you learn a lot,
amazing!!! We’re going back for the second time…
…Grandiose. See it time and again with the family…
…The show is sublime, sheer delight for the senses: the texts, the music, everything comes together for a magical experience!
…The Palace of the Popes? It’s the one thing you definitely have to see in Avignon. In the evening,
Les Luminessences is well worth it! Highly
…Fabulous show, we went totally by chance and are very pleased to have discovered it, 35 minutes of wonder…
…The Luminessences sound and light show has to be seen to understand the history and evolution of this magnificent palace!
…Totally splendid! A wonderful way to tell the story of this place…
…Every detail is dazzling, colours are superb…
…Absolutely stunning light show at the Palais des Papes last night!
…Mesmo não falando francês achei o espetáculo
maravilhoso. Algo para lembrar sempre! Vale
muito a pena…


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