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Gaby Moreno 2017 in Europe‏ #GabyMoreno

Angeles-based artist Gaby Moreno is an artist that hasn’t allowed


anyone to put her in a corner stylistically. Gaby was awarded “Best New
Artist” at the 2013 Latin GRAMMYS and has headlined tours in Latin
America, US and Latin America. Moreno can never be accused of taking the
safe path—but instead blazing her own. Embracing the style and ethos of
jazz, folk and blues—with a healthy dose of romanticism—Moreno has
found a visceral alchemy that is as moving in English as it is in her
native language Spanish.

performed on Jay Leno’s show on NBC, right next to stars like Kris
Kristofferson, Jonny Lang and Shawn Mullins. It was here where the new
exclusively debuting song “Toast to Freedom” commemorating half a
century of existence for Amnesty International was performed.  After
that TV appearance, she headed to Dublin, Ireland to perform at the
“Electric Burma” concert, in homage to the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize
recipient Aung San Suu Kyi. On the Embassy of Conscience award ceremony,
Moreno sang first Toast to Freedom, the commemorative song for Amnesty
International, along with African born and Grammy award winner
Angelique  Kidjo and afterwards she sang “Get Up, Stand Up”, Bob
Marley’s classic song, along Bono himself (U2), Angelique Kidjo, Bob
Geldolf and the Irish folk pop singer Damien Rice. After that, she
stopped in England, where she once again sang along legendary musician
Van Dyke Parks, but this time adding Daniel Rossen (Grizzly Bear) and
Robin Pecknold (Fleet Foxes) to the concert at the prestigious Barbican

For the
last year and a half she had been touring as a member of Hugh Laurie
& The Copper Bottom Band. Gaby is featured on Hugh’s latest album
“Didn’t It Rain”, singing a duet with him on “Kiss of Fire”, as well as
being featured on “The Weed Smoker’s Dream” and another duet with soul
singer Jean McClain on “Didn’t it Rain”.

tour took Hugh Laurie and The Copper Bottom Band all over the world,
playing the most historic theaters in Europe, North America, Argentina,
Brazil and Australia. These are the highlights
shining in the already intense artistic life of Gaby Moreno. That’s the
result of authenticity and clarity carried forward, and a conscientious,
disciplinary work in pursue of forming a unique sound, touching, free
and brave.
Guatemalan songwriter Gaby Moreno plucked ragtimey syncopations on a
well-worn acoustic guitar, and let loose a tangy, bluesy voice with the
feistiness of Édith Piaf.”
- NY Times“Moreno’s
breathtaking voice is passionate and stylistically malleable, as she
glides back and forth easily between bossa nova and bluesy rock.”- NPR
Tiny Desk“Gaby
Moreno’s soulful vocals and ability to switch languages and genres have
made her a rising star.” – NPR All Things Considered
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