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MONI OVADIA voce recitante – Sul denaro (2008) @Stradivarius

MONI OVADIA voce recitante

1. AchaB (2002)* per clarinetto
2. Oltre il deserto spazio (1999) per flauto, clarinetto, violino, violoncello e pianoforte
3. Come una specie di infinito (1997) per violoncello e pianoforte
4. Verso un altro occidente (2001) per flauto, clarinetto, viola, pianoforte e percussioni
5. RAW(2005)* per violino
6. A time for the evening (1997)* per clarinetto, violino, violoncello e pianoforte
7. Vidi in terra angelici costumi (2011)* per ensemble
8. Sul denaro (2008)* per voce recitante e ensemble su testo di Luigi Pestalozza
*World Premiere Recording

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Data di pubblicazione: 04-11-2015Numero di catalogo: STR 37022

Etichetta: STRADIVARIUS – Italia

 With this disc we begin a journey in a space-time that is non-linear, non-diachronic but synchronic: plurality
of occasions, simultaneousness of faces, correlations of dedications, analogies of ensembles, speculativeness
of composition projects. All enclosed in a single creative thought, cohesive, outstretched towards recurring
themes, always investigated anew; eight works, six in the first world recording, composed between
1997 and 2011. The ensembles are various: the solo instrument (the clarinet in B flat of AchaB and the
solo violin of RAW), the cello-piano duo (Come in una specie di infinito), a heterogeneous quartet (clarinet,
violin, cello and piano in A time for the evening), two specular quintets (Oltre il deserto spazio and Verso
un altro occidente) and an ensemble variously composed for the last two works – Vidi in terra angelici costumi
e Sul denaro – to which in the last phase a speaking voice is added. It is evidently the traditional instruments
that prevail, ‘renouncing’ technology and electronics, which had often led Sani to investigate
music in relation to the image and to space, dwelling on its intermediality.

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