CHIC Collection:

A must for the spring and summer, the colour palette of the Chic Collection ranges
from sophisticated natural tones to grey and graphite, intense flashes of wisteria,
jade green, coral and the timeless blues and blacks, which form the base colours
for a canvas waiting to be painted… The collection exudes elegance and modernity
for timeless outfits and audacity and femininity for more glamorous combinations;
mixes of durable fabrics, cady, georgette, lace and satin create eye-catching and
elegant lines and details.
INFORMAL Collection:
A fresh and captivating collection created from a mix of materials, shapes and
glamorous combinations.
The vitality of green, coral and yellow hints alongside white, black and faded
blue creates a cool and fresh spring, whilst injections of mint, indigo, curry and
bougainvillea come together to create a summer influenced by Oriental folklore or
inspired by Miami beach.
In a playful theme with pop-art and conversation prints, make-up items, tiny glasses,
the significant return of the polka dot and combinations of stripes and sketched
flowers are transformed into patchwork and jungle prints for a metropolitan summer.
The range features super-stretch cottons, dyed garments and light denims for
flattering high-performance trousers.
Contrasts between box shapes, soft and flowing above the waist but slim fitting

FORMAL Collection:
A collection dedicated to the woman who embodies the concept of femininity and
elegance. The colour palette centres on the bright tones of vibrant red and fuchsia,
combined with navy blue and black for spring garments, and the more summery
tones of tiffany, orange, peony and acid green softened with ivory and dark brown.
The collection is rich in prints featuring small and large geometric designs on light
backgrounds, juxtaposed with more floral patterns, painted flowers and ethnic
designs. The jacket makes a grand return with a tailored cut for refined trouser suits
and a deconstructed and collarless version for a more modern outfit.
Important capsule collection of leading garments created from comfortable jersey
fabrics in flowing cuts which caress the body and create movement and sensuality;
rich selection of prints that range from small, spring-inspired geometric patterns to
animal prints, patchwork and the most summery designs, which can be beautifully
combined with the numerous knitted and jersey shawls in the colours of the

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