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Caritative auction in profit of Cannes during the Festival - May 16th 2016‏

Binoche Juliette - Robe bustier rose Christian Dior 50e Festival de Cannes

The entire world will soon discover and bid to acquire the selected items for this exceptional auction in profit of the rebuilding of the city of Cannes, sponsored by Gilles Jacob and organized by the City Hall during the Cannes Film Festival.
In order to be available to all, the “Collection Gilles Jacob and friends”, made of 150 objects related to the movie industry, will be available for pre-auction on the website: from Monday, May 9th until Sunday, May 15th 2016, 11.59p.m.
The process is simple: as all other online auction websites, potential buyers can bid on the items of their choice from their house. If they are part of the “top bidders”, the ones who made the higher offer for each lot by May the 15th at midnight, they will then be phoned to attend the auction taking place the next day, on May, 16th 2016, in Cannes, under the supervision of Maître Carine Aymard from Cannes Enchères and Arno Verkade from Christie’s. Only guests carrying personal invitation will be allowed on that day. The highest bid made on the internet for each lot will considered as the starting auction bidding price on May the 16th.
Over 130 celebrities, especially from the movie industry, have accepted to be associated with this event by offering exceptional items.
Amongst all of them, here are a few:

The surf board of “Brice de Nice”, signed by Jean Dujardin (the one used for both movies)
The “Palme d’Or à la carrière” of Jane Fonda (this prize has been given only 4 times since the creation of the Cannes Film Festival)
A drawing from Plantu, especially made for Help Cannes, printed in only 10 copies and numbered
The original script annotated from the movie “The Last Emperor” (1987) of Bernardo Bertolucci
The signed script “Amour” (2012) of Michael Haneke, Palme d’Or of the Cannes Festival in 2012
The Gucci green bustier dress, worn by the actress Léa Seydoux, during the Cannes Film Festival in 2010
The signed and annotated script of the movie “Angels’ Share” (2012) of Ken Loach.
Caritative auction in profit of Cannes
All the items from the “Collection Gilles Jacob and friends” will be available for pre-auction on Monday on
Online pre-auction will beginning on Monday, May 9th until Sunday, May 15th midnight.
Auction will be held on Monday, May the 16th 2016 from 10.a.m. until 5.30.p.m. in Cannes The strass earrings designed by Yves Saint Laurent for the movie “Stavisky” (1974) of Alain Resnais and worn by Anny Duperey

 The signed poster from the movie “Eraserhead” 1977 of David Lynch
 A collector glass snowball from the movie “Fargo” (1996) from the brothers Joel and Ethan Cohen.
 The pink Christian Dior bustier dress worn by the actress Juliette Binoche during the 50th Film Festival.
There will be many more items for auctioning: photographs, dedicated posters, clothes, jewelries and accessories worn by actors, movie scripts, drawings, gastronomic invitations…
The auction on Monday, May 16th will be held in 3 parts from 10a.m. In order to be granted access to these auctions, whoever is interested should send his request by mail to this address:
Accepted payments: CB, Visa, Amex and transfer for amounts under Euro 1.000. Receipts will be given upon payments and deductible from taxes.
The funds collected during the auction will entirely be given to help for the reconstruction of the city and for the victims of the flooding of the 3rd of October 2015.
This auction is part of the process initiated by M. David Lisnard, Mayor of Cannes, who had launch a call for solidarity “Help Cannes”, asking for all who are loving Cannes, to be generous and help for its rebuilding.
Partners: Grand Hyatt Cannes Hôtel Martinez, Christie’s, Cannes Enchères, Wiz-U and and Patricia Goldman Communication.
Recall of the facts: during the evening of the 3rd of October 2015, Cannes was tragically hit by extremely violent and murderous rains. The damages were estimated at 800 million euros for the department, 300 million for the territories of Cannes and 40 million for the municipal properties only. Nearly 100 constructions belonging to the authorities were damaged, if not completely destroyed by this unique weather phenomenon.
As soon as the weather conditions worsened, the City Hall of Cannes immediately gathered to be able to organize the first aid, protect the citizens and then their belongings, help the victims and rebuild the public areas with a communal safeguard plan, which was activated for the first time in the history of Cannes. The solidarity of all the inhabitants was strong and never lessened while dealing with this unprecedented crisis, making massive donation of clothes, electric goods as well as financial ones.
The process “Help Cannes” has allowed gathering more than 1 million Euros thanks to the generosity of many anonymous as well as many artists such as Monica Bellucci and Gilles Jacob.

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