Les Ateliers Weiss - Beautiful metalwork for Le Haut Chocolat®

The  first  stone of  Les  Ateliers  Weiss,  the  new  showcase for  the  Weiss  chocolate  company, was  laid  on  15

October 2015.  Building  work on  the  site  in the  French  city of Saint-Étienne  continues, and  will be  completed by the  fall of  2016.

Les Ateliers  Weiss  aims  to  promote Le Haut  Chocolat®,  provide  a  platform for  Weiss’s  chocolate  expertise, and  boost the  reputation of the  city of Saint-Étienne. Weiss  has  built  its reputation on  attention to  detail  and has  surrounded itself with  talented artisans  to  achieve  this  cutting-edge  architectural  project.  It  was  therefore only  natural  to  turn   to  the   building  company  Blanchet   to  create  the   metal   structure   that   provides  the backbone of the  building and  envelops this  530m²  construction, along with the  metal  access ramp.

Blanchet,  which  is based in  Montbrison,  has  75  years  of  experience  in structures,  carpentry,  metalwork,  and the   renovation  of  historic   monuments.  It  has   an  unrivalled   reputation  for  quality   and   excellence,  with  a resolutely contemporary approach. “This building projects Weiss’s excellence, it is a showcase for their  prized chocolate,  and  a  reflection  of  the  company itself.  It  is also  a  wonderful reference  for  Blanchet,   with  all our
expertise represented in the  construction,” said  director Jacques Blanchet.

With  a  client  list  including  the  Dior  fashion house and  the  prestigious  jeweler  Philippe  Tournaire, Blanchet    continue t innovate   i Saint-Étienne, having   renovated the   wood   and   metal   workshops of  La  Cité  du  Design,  a  platform  for  promoting design;  and   constructed  the   façade  of  the   Le  Fil music venue in stainless steel.  These producers of beautiful  metalwork  ar no continuing   t leave their  stamp in  this  city  of  art  and  culture with  Les Ateliers  Weiss.  Weiss is an  emblem of the  region,” says  Jacques Blanchet,  who  says  he  enjoys  working with  clients  who  are  committed to  innovation  and
who  offer  high-quality goods and  services.
and  shells, milk-chocolate  shellfish shapes  filled with praliné,  and  plenty  of  eggs  to  hide.  The famous  Weiss ribbon  is tied in a colorful bow that  can be used  as a fun hair decoration or bowtie.

We  look  forward  to  welcoming  you  in the  fall  of  2016  to  discover Les  Ateliers  Weiss.  Meanwhile, you  can

follow progress through the  exhibition at the  chocolate factory  or at www.weiss.fr