Magda @ NoName Lonato (Bs) by Bolgia, Alter Ego, Qloom, NoName 18/7

18/7 Magda @ NoName Lonato (Bs) by Bolgia, Alter Ego, Qloom, NoName

Grande party techno al NoName di Lonato (Bs) il 18 luglio 2014. Al mixer arriva Magda. Si tratta della dj girl techno più richiesta in Italia da qualche anno. Anche a livello europeo la situazione non cambia: Magda è la numero uno ed il successo della sua label / management Item & Things lo confermano. Da tempo trapiantata a Berlino, fa ballare i migliori locali del mondo dalla metà degli anni Novanta. I suoi set sono sempre originali e di una potenza impressionante, difficile da spiegare, bisogna ascoltarla e guardarla all’opera per capire la sua bravura e il suo genio. E’ la dj perfetta per un party così elettronico. La festa è organizzata dagli staff di Bolgia, Alter Ego, Qloom, NoName. Pullman dal piazzale antistante al Bolgia di Osio Sopra (Bg) info 3383624803.


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Via Lavagnone – 25060 Lonato (Bs)

Uscita A4: Desenzano

dalle 23.30 a tarda notte

Main room: dj set by Matteo WNB, Andrea Favagrossa (warm up), voice Manuel Shock

Qloom & NoName Privè: dj set by Tommy DeWax, Paolo Fiore, Jamee Thin, Morph

Bolgia Privè: dj set by Chris, Matteo Donia, Andrea Vaccaro, Dani P, Luca Caribelli


Magda, probably the most request techno dj girl in Italy, on 18/7 performs @ NoName Lonato (Bs), near Garda Lake and not far from Milan. The party is produced by Bolgia, Alter Ego, Qloom, NoName. Magda is an artist who can never be pinned down, no matter the timeframe or time signature. Any one of the Detroit-raised artist’s DJ sets or productions breeds a rare feel of mystique and discovery. “I’m really obsessed with finding a line between things – between sounds and between genres. My influences come from a life spent in very different environments, which plays a huge role in the way I connect with music.” Dramatic sounds and eccentric basslines carry her multilayered sound, which veers everywhere from funked-out space disco to the intricately-programmed, metallic feel of Detroit to stripped down techno, all the way to Italian horror film soundtracks. The only thing that remains consistent is the element of surprise. Her accidental entry into Detroit’s underground party scene as a teenager was the kick-start she needed for a lifelong love affair. Soon all became a blur of “cities, record stores, and parties.” In 1998, she joined Minus and began touring the world as Richie Hawtin’s sole opener. From there, her distinctive sound began to develop and the rest is history. Stylistically, Magda grooves through opposition – creating sets that are emotion-led yet clinical, having profound expertise with analog and digital technology. Her sound is otherworldly but visceral; dark with a warm sense of beauty and grace; sparse yet wondrously full-bodied with density and bass-swathed extremes. Magda’s DJing style has been encapsulated on her mixed CDs ‘She’s A Dancing Machine,’ and her mix for London club Fabric ‘Fabric 49’ (a mix CD with as much artistry and vision as an original album).

In the fall of 2010, Magda revealed her debut, ‘From The Fallen Page,’ a darkly- tinged, transportive album that curiously combines natural, organic sounds, and modern electronic grace. Similar to her unpredictable DJ sets, ‘From The Fallen Page’ took listeners from one end of the spectrum to the other, treading the fine lines of extremities along the way. These days Magda isn’t home very often. In-between touring, she’s fully focused on her recently resurrected label ‘Items & Things.’ The label’s vision always pinpoints the off-kilter and the uncommon, seeking out new artists and sounds that push boundaries. “Items and things are bits and pieces of uniqueness we come across. The label is a platform to launch the music that we love. There are no rules, just sounds we like and artists we believe in.”


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