TAT Promotes Cycling Tours at the “Bangkok Bike 2013”



 Bangkok, March 29, 2013 –The
Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), along with NCC Exhibition
Organisers (NEO), is to organise the Bangkok Bike 2013 during 2-5 May
2013 at Hall 4, Impact Muang Thong Thani. The first exhibition of its
kind in the country, it is designed to promote the use of bicycles for
both recreational and regular use and enhance the popularity of cycling
tours for both local and foreign visitors. It is expected to be attended
by at least 170,000 people over the four-day period.

sees huge potential for bike tours to attract both Thai and
international tourists and support provincial communities and areas as
well as tourism operators. According to the Thailand Cycling for Health
Association, about 260,000 local people and expatriate residents of
Thailand use bicycles for recreational travel and tours, but this can be
increased by at least 20% with further marketing support and
infrastructure development.

to Mrs. Vilaiwan Twichasri Deputy Governor for Tourism Products and
Business, “We are more than happy to jointly organise Bangkok Bike 2013
to tap the growing global popularity of travel by bicycle. Bangkok Bike
2013 is one way to stimulate the market by providing a one-stop-shop for
interested consumers and businesses to get all the information they
want, as well as exchange ideas on how to further grow the market.”

and the organising team have provided a 500-square-metre area to
accommodate bike riders under the theme of “Let’s Go Green.” The riders
and general public will get information on six suggested bicycle routes
covering five regions, be able to attend a seminar on bike tourism and
meet with tour operators, hotels, resorts, local products, and One
Tambon, One Product products.

According to Mrs Vilaiwan TwichasriTravelling
by bike fits in well with our Seven Greens concept which we launched a
few years ago as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability.
It also fits in well with the national focus on “Creative Tourism.” By
increasing the number of cycling trips from once a year to 2-3 times a
year, we can significantly grow the economic value of tourism while
lowering the environmental impact. Bike tours also meet the national
socio-economic development policy by distributing income more deeply
into local communities and helping local businesses sell their home-made

most popular types of tours are day-trips, two-day tours, and to a
lesser extent, one-week tours. TAT has supported cycling tours in the
past but, due to infrastructure limitations, these have been confined to
a few provinces; such as, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Lampang, Mae Hong
Son, Nan, and Samut Songkhram.  In addition, TAT has also published a
guide book for bike travel. Future plans are to open more bike tour
routes and tours across every province with proper bike path management
to ensure safety and access to local community areas and beautiful


the first time in Thailand, visitors will be able to ride their bikes
right into the exhibition. They can also cycle along the Bike Lanes
around the event.

EXCLUSIVE BIKE PARKING:Indoor bicycle parking for more than 200 bikes.

INDOOR BIKE PARK:Extreme indoor track cycling. For the first time in Bangkok, a special bike riding show will be organised by GURU and a team of professional bikers.

lot of activities on the stage; such as, seminar by GURU to share their
experiences and knowledge on bike riding, games and prizes and an
extreme-cycling show by professional cyclists.


The Bike:Display and sell bicycles, bike parts, and accessories of all kinds.

Biker Style:Fashions, clothing, and accessories for cyclists.

Biker Gadget:Accessories, gadgets, and cameras for cyclists.

Bike Trip:Hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafés, tourist attractions, and groups of cyclists.

DATE & TIME: 2-5 May 2013, 10.00 – 20.00hrs

VENUE: Exhibition Hall 4, Impact Muang Thong Thani

Website: www.bangkokbikeexpo.net

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BangkokBikeExpo


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